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Video Editing and Abomination

Video editing is a hobby I like to break out every now and then. It's way too time-consuming to do regularly but when the mood strikes, there is no way to stop me.

The page is divided into anime music videos and Fark videoedit contests. Most of the videos should be available for download, and I'll work on getting everything uploaded and up to date. The later videos will require the DivX video codec, which is easiest to get if you just get the VLC media player.


Anime music videos are a pretty simple concept: people who can't draw and can't sing can still make music videos! Take scenes from some of that there Japanese "anime" and try to synch them up with a song. It appealed to me, and still does, but it's a lot of work to find all the footage you want to use and then to splice them together.

Dejiko Feels the Hate

Di Gi Charat set to Slipknot - Wait and Bleed. My first AMV, and it shows...I couldn't even de-interlace properly. It still gets good reviews because the jarring happy anime + angry song work together so well.

17 in a Nutshell

Dragonball Z set to Janis Ian - At Seventeen. This video is much better technically, but I think the "story" kinda lost focus. I have a bad habit of trying to fit disjoint scenes directly to the lyrics of the song rather than making an overarching story. That works well for a hyper video like Dejiko Feel the Hate, but not for the slower songs that I moved to.

R Dorothy - Unfeeling

Big O set to Red Delicious - Casualties. This video was the reason I started doing AMVs at all. I am a huge fanboy of Big O and Red Delicious, but it took me two years to put together the DVDs I needed to do this up right. Even then, I got sidetracked by my "match the literal lyrics" in a couple places, interrupting the flow of the video. I think part of that was that season two didn't exist yet and I was running out of R Dorothy footage. Whatever.

Roger Smith - Uncaring

Big O set to Carly Simon - You're So Vain. The second part of my as-yet-unfinished Big O trilogy; the third will be Big O - Unnoticed. Someday! This is definitely my best AMV. The video and audio quality are both great and each scene furthers the narrative thrust: Roger Smith is self-absorbed womanizing twit.

Queen Ayame of the Yakuza

Rurouni Kenshin set to dialogue from Kill Bill. This was just a quick funny mashup I did one weekend. I can't even remember why...Kill Bill was big at the moment.

Fark Video Edit

In 2005 Fark expanded their wildly successful Photoshop contests (and much-less-successful AudioEdits) into the realm of video. A small band of Farkers with access to video equipment took on the themes, and I was there, man. I resolved to avoid all the thorny copyright issues surrounding AMVs by doing every single stitch of the videos myself. I quickly realized that I was again spending way too much effort on such small videos, but it was incredibly awesome while it lasted.

Tailchaser's Song

The first contest was to "Make a theatrical trailer for a book that has never been adapted to film". I had recently read through Tailchaser's Song and figured it was time to break out the old kitten graphics.

Unicorn Burger

This contest was inspired by Burger King's surreal Chicken Tender Swiss Bacon Cheddar Ranch ad, now known as the launching point for that creepy King they use in all their ads. "Make a commercial for another fast food restaurant that's gone insane." I went totally apeshit on this one, making three separate ads for the fictional establishment Unicorn Burger.

Slow News Day

"Videos shown on really slow news days", now with bonus racism!

Fark Flamewar

"Act out a Fark flamewar". I think everybody agrees that this one was my best VideoEdit. At the time, the red/blue state flamewar was still slightly more common than the science/fundie flamewar, and I captured the spirit (and most of the dialogue!) perfectly. Also I don't know Japanese.

Kitsune and the Sammich

"VideoEdit the trailer for an unlikely summer blockbuster." Never has my lack of audio skill hurt me more; this trailer is begging for a pumping action soundtrack. As with most of my bizarre characters, what I thought was a one-off has mentally grown to something more. Kitsune, Sammich, and the unpictured El Conjugator will all make a comeback in Semantic Princess.

Monthenor's Kitchen

"VideoEdit your own episode of a cooking show." I hadn't done a VideoEdit in many many months, but this topic was...shall we say, well-suited to my particular talents. But so help me Cthulhu, you will thank me for this recipe.

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